Customs clearance

We utilise an Integrated Customs and Excise Support systems function through the network of logistics and managed by a crew of highly professional and trained personnel. This department effectively manages documentation, procedures and processes .The use of the EDI Gateway ensures reputable and efficient Services.We clear individual vehicles as well as containers. This way of shipping(via containers) is ideal for those purchasing four or more cars.
We have a specialized team that handle the import and export of both new and used vehicles. Our services are not limited to cars only, we clear heavy duty vehicles as well. This division offers a very efficient and personalized service to our many satisfied customers from all over Africa.
Our Services include:

  • Processing of Customs Declaration “Bill of Entry”
  • Payment of Port Charges
  • Payment of Freight and Shipping Line Charges
  • Handling a client’s shipment from the time he makes his purchase until he receives delivery of his shipment.
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